Vending Machines New York

Healthy Vending offers a range of consulting services for organizations that want to successfully implement a healthier, nutrition-based vending program.

When it comes to municipalities, schools and other public organizations, we can consult on the following:

  • How to develop a healthy vending program
  • How to select a vending company (independent or franchise)
  • How to create a nutrition policy for your vending offering
  • Best practices for transitioning from your current vending provider to a healthy vending program

With private companies and employers, we can:

  • Help integrate healthy vending as part of an overall employee wellness program
  • Advise how to integrate healthy vending options into the current offering
  • Develop nutrition guidelines for vending machines
  • Help manage a vendor selection program to pick the right company for your organization

For traditional vending companies, we can:

  • Instruct how to transition to healthy vending
  • Advise how to offer both healthy and traditional vending, side-by-side
  • Find and source healthy snack and drink items
  • Help implement nutritional guidelines
  • Manage point of sale to maximize efficiency and revenue

And for healthy vending companies that are just getting started, we can:

  • Assist with product selection and sourcing
  • Help develop nutritional guidelines
  • Select the best vending machines for healthy vending
  • Advise on choosing between an independent healthy vending company or franchise
  • Instruct how to best manage point of sale for higher revenue
  • Develop sales strategies to locate potential healthy vending locations

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