Vending Machines New York

Healthy Vending offers a wide selection to cater to many different potential markets, including schools, hospitals and other government-oriented facilities falling under the strict regulations to offer healthier products. But just because the sole products we offer are healthy doesnít mean theyíre not delicious. Our wide range of beverages and snacks include popular, brand name items such as granola and power bars, baked chips, fruit snacks, flavored waters, teas, protein shakes and other low-calorie sodas and juices. We also offer fresh foods.

Offering healthier items isnít just for the purpose of compliance with government regulations, but to help make for healthier customers. By offering healthy items in break rooms, the result is people eating healthier, which results in healthier people, which inevitably results in happier, more productive individuals.

We try our best to give people what they want. Thatís why we allow customers to completely customize their vending selection. And if we donít have what you want, just let the route driver know and weíll do what we can to get it.


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