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What’s the best way to offer healthy snacks, foods and beverages to cater to everyone’s unique tastes and dietary preferences? By offering maximum selection, with an Avanti micro market.

Avanti Markets are basically fully self-supporting convenience stores located right on premise. Complete with attractive displays and efficient coolers, an Avanti Market lets you choose from hundreds of product options, including healthier, fresher and more nutritious choices than most vending programs. What’s more, customers can touch, feel and read the labels of all items before purchasing.

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Self-checkout Kiosk

We customize each market to your unique workspace or breakroom area. No matter what the format, the markets include a self-checkout kiosk and full security system. With the kiosks, customers help themselves. They simply go through the market, select what they want, scan it at the kiosk and swipe a card. The kiosks are designed to accept major credit/debit cards or key cards. This is all tied into a security system with camera system (and signage identifying the cameras) to curb any potential theft.

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All markets are backed by a web-based inventory management system. This lets you easily evaluate what’s selling…and what’s not…and make product decisions on the fly. Inventory stocking is fully automated to help ensure freshness. There are virtually no service calls necessary, and the self-checkout feature means loss-of-money and refund hassles are eliminated.

Why consider an Avanti Market for your business? Beyond the maximized selection and convenience, Avanti Markets keep your employees in the office. With so much to choose from right on site, there’s less reason to venture out for food, beverages and snacks. And that equates to less time being out of the office, and more time being productive.

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